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Warm. Quirky. Northern.

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Are you ready to elevate your project with a touch of British flair and charm? Look no further! I'm your go-to British Female voice-over artist, bringing a delightful blend of experience, warmth, and playfulness to every project.

With a voice that's been likened to the beloved Jane Horrocks and Shirley Henderson, I bring a unique Northern charm that's bound to captivate your audience. Picture a bright, friendly tone with just the right hint of quirkiness – that's what I bring to the table.

Equipped with a professional home recording studio featuring top-notch gear like the RODE NT-1 Microphone, soundproof booth complete with IsoBall technology, and Adobe Audition software, rest assured, your audio will be nothing short of exceptional. Whether you prefer WAV or MP3 files, I've got you covered, and I pride myself on lightning-fast turnaround times

From commercials to animations, eLearning to audio guides, I've got you covered. With a diverse portfolio spanning various projects, I've had the pleasure of working with clients both locally and internationally. And if you prefer an in-studio session, I'm more than happy to travel to accommodate your needs.

So, why not take a listen to my reels and see for yourself? Get in touch today, and let's bring your project to life! And here's the best part – I offer a complimentary demo read and quote for your project because your satisfaction is my priority. Let's create something amazing together!


Shannon's Home Studio


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