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2022, Belle, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, Theatre Royal Windsor/Bill Kenwright Productions, Roy Marsden
2022, Yasmin, BUILD A ROCKET, Jordan Langford

2022, Mum/Beth, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF BILLY FIBBER, The English Theatre Company, Michael Harry
2022, Emma, METV, The English Theatre Company, Brittany Field

2020, Stage, Ethel, LOVE FROM A STRANGER, Theatre Royal Windsor, Roy Marsden

2020, Stage, Nurse/Benvolio, ROMEO AND JULIET, Orange Tree Theatre, Nathan Crossan-Smith

2018, Stage, Grandma, STIG OF THE DUMP, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Cheryl Govan

2018, Stage, Bert, DAVID BADDIEL’S ANIMALCOLM (UK TOUR), Story Pocket Theatre, Adam Fletcher-Forde & Julia Black

2018, Stage, Chip, BLIND DRUNK IN LLANDUDNO (R&D), National Theatre Wales/Sheffield Theatres, Charlotte Lewis

2018, Stage, Sophie, THE MOTHER LANDS, Theatre503, Anna Poole

2017, Stage, Gloria/u/s Susy, WAIT UNTIL DARK (UK TOUR), Original Theatre Company, Alastair Whatley

2017, Stage, Student, MISS MARGARIDA'S WAY, Leicester Square Theatre, Todd Kramer

2017, Stage, Parrot/Cat/Pirate, TREASURE ISLAND, Hull Truck Theatre, Mark Babych

2016, Stage, Douglas, SHADOWLANDS (UK TOUR), Birdsong Productions, Alastair Whatley

2016, Stage, Betsy/Paddy/Rose/Eliza, ROSES AND CASTLES, Portsmouth New Theatre Royal, Bernie C Byrnes

2016, Stage, Sian, CODA, Theatre503, Cassie Webb

2015, Stage, Nora, COSMIC, West Yorkshire Playhouse, Jonathan Kemp

2015, Stage, Ellie, SANTA'S RUSTY ROBOT, Imagine Theatre, Iain Lauchlan

2015, Stage, Oswald/Servant, KING LEAR, The Reversed Shakespeare Company, Tatty Hennessy

2015, Stage, Martha, COAL GIRLS, Northern Creations, Rachel Stockdale

2015, Stage, Ensemble, THE LADYKILLERS, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Mark Babych/Tom Bellerby

2014, Stage, Bertha, THE ACCRINGTON PALS, Fairfield Halls, Ninon Jerome

2014, Stage, Nominee, SPOTLIGHT PRIZE SHOWCASE, Bloomsbury Ballroom, Guy Retallack


Short film, 2021, Receptionist, INKA, Dream Catcher Film Studio/BBC 3, Piotr Szkopiak 

2020, Short Film, Ana, POUND OF FLESH, Oliwia Siem 

2019, Short Film, Nat, ELPIS, Met Film School, Kezia Dwyer

2019, Short Film, Amy, JUMPERS, Jules Rampton

2019, Short Film, Ina, LONDON HAIKUS, Blum Producciones, Agustin Gimenez

2017, Short Film, Emily, RAISING A BABY, Sophie Morris

2017, Short Film, John's Wife, LIMBO, Met Film School, Andre Llewllyn

2017, Short Film, Alice Rea, WALKING YOU HOME, University of West London, Evelyn Wright

2016, Short Film, Ludmilla, GORKA, Fodor Films, Claudio Ravanelli

2016, Television, Alice, RANDOM ACTS: FISH TANK GIRLS, Channel 4/True North Productions, Catriona MacInnes

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IMDb (3).png

 2023, Child 1, OWN IT (Animation), BBC/Objekt, Emily Howe

2022, Young Woman, THE PASSENGER, Ben Ringham Studios, Walter Meiejohann 
2022, Voice artist, ABUSED TWICE, PILC, Isabella Mulholland 
2022, Anne, THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT, Dream Catcher Film Studio, Juliet Valentine Blaszcyk 
2022, Narrator, A SPACE TO BE, Scarborough Museums Trust, Jayne Shipley 

2022, Young Alex, GET PUNKED!, Visualise LTD, Joel Scott
2022, Zac, THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (30 Episodes), Taylormation, Jon Taylor
2022, Mel, SOMETHING IN THE CHEESE, At Your Peril, Owen Jenkins/Arthur McBain

2021 Lamp, WRIGLEYS EXTRA REFRESHERS, E4/Somethin Else, Nan Davies 

2021, Piper, 10 THINGS TO DO IN A SMALL CUMBRIAN TOWN, Alphabetti Theatre 

2021, Audio Guide, VIRTUAL CARE/OPEN SUBMISSION, BALTIC Contemporary Arts Centre

2021, Millie, THE SCOURGE OF LITTLE NAZEING, At Your Peril

2021, Whitney, THE AGM, At Your Peril, Owen Jenkins/Arthur McBain

2021, Amber, MEAT EATER (TV Pilot) Dream Catcher Film Studio, Piotr Szkopiak 

2021 Sade, MAN IN LIMBO, At Your Peril Podcast
2021, Voice Artist, ARTS AWARD SOCIAL STORY, Scarborough Museum’s Trust, Christine Rostron 
2021, Children’s TV VO, WHAT IS POWER? PART ONE, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau 
2020, Audio Description VO, AERIAL SICILIENNE, Unlimited Arts 

2020, Willow, WILF GOES WILD, MP Theatricals, Matt Powell 

2020, Voice Artist, STAR CARR ANIMATION, Scarborough Museums Trust, Christine Rostron

2020, English Dubbing, HANDS FREE APP, Medio Minuto

2020, Voice Over, Voice Artist, SMT ONLINE SOCIAL STORIES SERIES, Scarborough Museums Trust, Sophie Bradey

2020, Voice Over, Voice Artist, SCIENCE SUPERHERO ACTIVITIES, Scarborough Museums Trust, Christine Rostron

2020, Voice Over, Voice Artist, WELCOME TO DOVECOTE, Dovecote Preschool Playgroup

2020, Audio, Yaz, THE COLLATERAL OF IVANHOE, Trilbee Reviews, William Carlisle

IMDb (3).png

2022, Marie, Daffodils, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Kash Arshad 
2022, Barbara Windsor, 30 Years of Music Hall, Brick Lane Music Hall, Vincent Hayes MBE

2021, Francesca, AT LAST IT'S SUMMER, Tarento Productions, Jordan Langford

2021, Gemma, STRANGE LOVE, Gareth McChelery 

2020, Annie, THE BURNING QUESTION, Burn Bright/Stephen Joseph Theatre

2020, Rehearsed Reading, Gemma, STRANGE LOVE, Marie Fortune

2020, Internet, Gwendolen, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, Matchbox Theatre Company, Barry Evans

2019, Rehearsed Reading, Doris, A DAUGHTER'S A DAUGHTER, Agatha Christie Festival, Julius Green

2019, Rehearsed Reading, Victoria, THE PARAGON OF ANIMALS, Barbican Theatre, Alex Jones

2018, Recording, Bert/Bjornita/Dolly, ANIMALCOLM ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING, Story Pocket Theatre, David Perkins

2018, Rehearsed Reading, Elizabeth Rimes, NEPTUNE, Theatre Delicatessen, Faye Wilson

2018, Rehearsed Reading, Line feeder, AND OTHERS, National Theatre/Graeae Theatre Company, Jenny Sealey

2017, Rehearsed Reading, Sadie, POSSESSION, So and So Arts Club, Dave Spencer

2015, Commercial, Witch, LENOVO: YOGA BIG PLAY #GOODWEIRD, Agile Films, Orlando Pedtretti

2015, Rehearsed Reading, Little Maggie, LITTLE MAGGIE DANCING, European Arts Company, Peter Craze


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